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SSF2 Beta: Mario Galaxy Omega stage

One of my favorite stage from smash 4, and its from my favorite game Mario Galaxy. I wanted to be original and made my best attempt to recreate the stage. Further improvements coming.

Sonic Bounce bracelet

re-living the nostalgia from sonics 9b moveset now you can enjoy this in the newest ssf2 beta!

Metal Mario & DeviantArt Stage

My old mod in SSF2 :3

Mario Party 10 Crew(Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser) for SSF2

The SSF2 Beta Mario characters got possessed by the Mario Party 10 crew. That’s right! The MP10 Crew is in SSF2 Beta! Voice changes to everyone, and some SFX from the characters were changed to. New victory theme and a new portrait! If you wanna see the review, just click the link there to go […]