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SSF2 0.9b Son Goku Recolour WIP #1

This mod is by me. I recoloured Son Goku so it would be more better than SSF2 version Goku. I got inspired by:Richard Mohos,he makes great & custom mods for 0.9b, If you want more recolour mods,just ask me. Spirites by: delvallejoel on deviantart.

Yoshikage Kira (Custom Moveset)

I present to you Yoshikage Kira. The mod only true Jojo fans desire. Enjoy.

Kid Naruto

It’s finished ver. of this:https://supersmashflashmods.com/mods/kid-naruto-rasengan-better-version-updated/

Sasuke Uchiha Full Complete Mod + Announcer

Derek (Sora over Fox)

A mod of my main OC Derek Xavier. Voice clips: Kilik from Soulcalibur 3-6 (Grant George)


Are you in need of a mod that makes life enjoyable for you? Are you in need of a cure for your crippling depression? Are you dominated every day by your cheap friends with no skill? Well look no further. I present to you this gift from the heavens, Tobi. Tobi is not just your […]