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Orochimaru’s Lair stage

Over Saturn Valley

Wasteland Stage

Over Meteo Campagins Big stage has 2 mountains on each end By luka 45

DBS Broly Custom Mod and New Planet Vegeta

DBS Broly is cloned over Marth New Planet Vegeta over Meteo Campagins 2 Final Smashes

Evil Goku SSJ5 Custom Moveset (Evil Goku 2)

An April fools mod, that actually had a lot of effort and love put into it. Over Wario. Made in 1 week 😉 It’s not cancer stfu.  

Grimmjow Custom Mod

Custom moveset, over Naruto. Made by Luka 45 Fuck off Nega Ben


CLONED OVER DK MADE BY LUKA 45 2 final smashes


Made by Luka 45 Cloned Over Donkey Kong Look out for Side special, he spams it a lot. Fuck off Nega Ben. This website sucks UwU