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Evil Goku SSJ5 Custom Moveset (Evil Goku 2)

An April fools mod, that actually had a lot of effort and love put into it. Over Wario. Made in 1 week 😉 It’s not cancer stfu.  

SSF2 0.9b Son Goku Recolour WIP #1

This mod is by me. I recoloured Son Goku so it would be more better than SSF2 version Goku. I got inspired by:Richard Mohos,he makes great & custom mods for 0.9b, If you want more recolour mods,just ask me. Spirites by: delvallejoel on deviantart.

Goku Black (Dragon Ball Super)

Goku Black, the best villain from Dragon Ball Super from the Future Trunks Arc has travelled into the SSF2 timeline! He has 3 forms (base, Super Saiya-jin and SSJ Rosé).   Goku Black comes with 2 versions: one over Goku and one over Chibi Robo. Both have 2 other versions where you can choose to […]

SSJ4 Son Goku

Dragon Ball GT’s SSJ4 transformation as the Final Form of Goku. Comes with an armoured and non-armoured version for the base form which is true for the SSJ5 mod too.

SSJ5 Son Goku

Son Goku’s SSJ5 form based on the fanmade Dragon Ball AF manga. There will be a revamped version of this form with unique moveset in my Goku Revamp Project.