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Z-City Abandoned Area

Another spicy animated stage. I hope you like all the references 🙂

Puri Puri Prisoner

Puri Puri Prisoner, the greatest homosexual warrior to ever exist in the One Punch Man universe. Play him for glory, honor, and scarring your opponents for life. THIS MOD IS NOT NSFW.

Jonathan Joestar

Jonathan Joestar from JJBA with All-Star Battle and Anime outfit!

Kid Naruto (Again)

Sasuke Uchiha Full Complete Mod + Announcer

Sailor Moon

Usagi/Bunny Tsukino or better known as Sailor Moon has joined SSF2…as a mod, but even then she offer plenty of interesting things to offer. She can summon the other Sailor Senshi to aid her in battle and keep enemies at a distance so she can finish them off and if her damage is above 65% […]

Sakata Gintoki

Sakata Gintoki from Gintama is here! And he has a unique mechanic going for himself. Normally his moveset is bit more serious with joke elements here and there, but if his damage reaches over 75% then his moveset will be swapped out to a moveset that is full of references from movies, TV shows, manga, […]


My old Inuyasha mod that I did a long time ago. There will be a revamp sooner or later.


One of the ferocious Yonko and captain of the Blackbeard Pirates, Marshal d. teach (aka Blackbeard) has entered the fray! Blackbeard uses the power of two unique devil fruits, the Yami Yami No Mi (Darkness Darkness fruit) and the Gura Gura No Mi (Tremor Tremor fruit). His neutral special is Kurouzu, where he creates a […]


Are you in need of a mod that makes life enjoyable for you? Are you in need of a cure for your crippling depression? Are you dominated every day by your cheap friends with no skill? Well look no further. I present to you this gift from the heavens, Tobi. Tobi is not just your […]