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  • descriptionDescription

    Ever thought just saying "Go!" when using Shoulder Bash was a bit boring?
    Or that Wario needed a bit more flair to his voice?


    Wario, but with his Wario World Voice!

    (It also includes some SSB4 sound effects, too!)

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    -Move DAT263.ssf from its /data folder (typically in ssf2's appdata folder or in the application itself) to a secure location (just in case), and replace with WarioWorld263.ssf

    -Rename WarioWorld263.ssf to DAT263.ssf

    -Test & Enjoy!

  • event_noteChangelog

    4/13/19: More voice clips in Shoulder Bash and Corkscrew, removed SSB4 swing and dash attack sound effects

    4/3/19: Mod Release


    Bucket List:

    -SSB4 walking and crawling sound

    -Jump voices, just more voice clips in general

    Known Bugs:
    -Some voice clips still play even if metal/voice slider in options is at 0; not much I can do about that :c

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