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    Are you in need of a mod that makes life enjoyable for you? Are you in need of a cure for your crippling depression? Are you dominated every day by your cheap friends with no skill? Well look no further. I present to you this gift from the heavens, Tobi. Tobi is not just your average mod. He is a lethal killing machine with an excessive amount of invincibility frames to make it realistic to the anime. Tobi is the ultimate trap artist, being able to plant mines in the ground, toss bombs, and flip the opponent off stages with ease. He even has a final form which is so balanced, HK's mods will need a massive buff to equate to the skills of this amazing mod. But wait! There's more! Download this mod today and you can even get to smack your opponents with a stick! You heard me, a STICK! To satisfy all your needs, this wooden rod of doom can slay all your opponents for top tier gameplay you can never find on YouTube (Unless you showcase my mod, pls showcase and give credit :V ). Most importantly, have fun! If you aren't laughing while your friend screams as he loses over and over again, something's wrong with you.

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    Drag the data file into the data folder in SSF2 and replace the existing dat there. Tobi is over Ichigo.

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    --Nothing. Yet >:)

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