The One Musaab’s Project M Sonic Remade

  • description Description

    This mod attempts to recreate some of the mechanics and animations seen in Project M's Sonic in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This includes revamped moves including a new Side Special as well as the Sonic Eagle (Forward Aerial) from Project M and more. This was made using the default 9b DAT for Sonic rather than reusing the old mod I made previously.

  • speaker_notes Installation
    1. Download the "" file.
    2. Extract the .zip file.
    3. Open the "files" folder.
    4. Drag the DAT62.ssf file/Cut and paste the DAT62.ssf file into the "data" folder of your SSF2 0.9b game folder.
    5. Load up the SSF2.exe file and play! :)
  • event_note Changelog

    PM Sonic Changelog:
    - PM Stats on Attacks
    - New Sprites (Idle, Walk, Run, Jump .etc)
    - New Down and Up Tilt
    - New Up Smash
    - New Forward Aerial
    - New Up Throw
    - Neutral Special Hit Poses
    - New Side Special
    - New Taunts (Neutral and Up/Down Taunt)
    - New Visual Effects (Run, Up Tilt, Neutral and Forward Aerial, Side Special)
    - Hitbox Improvements (Jab Combo, Down Special)

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