SSF2 Beta X, Jotaro and Zero

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    All 3 characters are now on the latest version of SSF2 Beta! Megaman Zero is now also ported to Beta and has new changes as well as true alts. X and Jotaro also received some nice changes that you can read in the changelog.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    This mod is only for!

    How to install:
    1. First make a seperate build for this mod. The mod is not online safe unless both people have it installed. Making a new build for this mod is not required but recommended.
    To make a new build just make a copy of your SSF2 folder.
    2. Drag these files (Excluding the .txt file and Changelog folder.) into the new SSF2 Build.
    3. You're done! Enjoy the mod!

    Also if you have any bugs you want to report or have suggestions DM me at ChickenZ#0173 on Discord. You can also DM me if you want to help with future mods.

  • event_note Changelog

    Jotaro Changelog

    - Now has 2 additional alternate costumes.
    Made by Ryandpg.

    Attribute Changes:
    - Lowered gravity
    - Increased speed.

    Move Changes:
    - New Up Throw.
    - New Down Throw.
    - Now has a third jab.
    - Hitboxes adjusted on multiple moves.

    MMZero Changelog:

    - Has alternate colors.
    Credits to Ryandpg for Megaman.EXE alt and GabrielZr0 for Aeolus alt.

    Moveset Changes:
    - New Up Tilt. (Old one can be used by double tapping the attack button at the start of the attack.)
    - Now has item animations
    - Recovery better.
    - Tether better
    - Neutral Air has new hitboxes.
    - Has item animations.

    X Changelog:

    - 2 additonal alternate costumes added.

    Moveset Changes:
    - Forward Smash buffed.
    - Up Tilt attackbox comes out earlier.
    - Neutral Air buffed.
    - Forward Throw buffed.
    - Sounds changed.
    - Lowered gravity
    - Increased speed.
    - Projectile placement adjusted.


    Screw Attack Item now works for all of them.


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