SMG4 Revamped

  • description Description

    "Consider yourself retarded!"

    This mod aims to give ya old SMG4 some revamp to reflect the more modern SMG4. There are 3 version SMG4 can be replaced on:

    DAT44 (Over Mario)

    DAT52 (Over Ichigo)

    DAT57 (Over Bomberman)

    Credits to Vanilla Kunikida for the sexy OG SMG4 mod.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Rename it. Drag it over the data folder. Done.

  • event_note Changelog
    • V1.5 updated
    • Side B 5-hit slashing attack returned. Adjusted to connected hit better. Good for shield pressure.
    • Dash attack now goes further.
    • New Victory Poses.
    • V1 released
    • SMG4 is now a heavy fighter because of Mario fatass, but its ground speed increased.
    • Adjustment made to SMG4 moveset. Both buff and nerf.
    • Forward Smash now reflect projectiles.
    • Down Smash connects better.
    • Down air is now a multi-hit meteor smash.
    • Neutral air is slower, but it can be canceled to any aerial move, including B moves. (When SMG4 turned blue, that's where you can cancel into different moves)
    • Forward air has sparkly effect when hitting the meteor.
    • Restore SMG4 "Super Mario Pingas" throw.
    • Fireball is now more blueish.
    • SMG4 Fireball behaves more like Luigi fireball.
    • Down B has SMG4 T-posing. References to The Waluigi Arc.
    • Boopkins cameo in SMG4 down B. 
    • Bob cameo in SMG4 up throw.
    • Tari cameo in SMG4 Final Smash.
    • Restore SMG4 old side B. (No longer a 5-hit slashing attack. V1 only)
    • Restore old SMG4 pixel art with some makeover.
    • Voice clips remastered. Including some new ones.
    • New victory music.
    • New icon.
    • New taunt. (Intended to annoyed people)
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