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  • description Description

    Kirby, once a low tier, had gone to the gym for the past several weeks. Now, HE BECAME A FRICKING GOD AND WILL REKT EVERYONE WHO COMES IN HIS WAY!!! (Just a fun mod which made Kirby super OP, that's all.)

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Just drag the file into the data folder.

  • event_note Changelog

    Beware! He's broken!

    • Buff his moves in every way!
    • Had 10 jumps.
    • Down B, Forward B air now spike!
    • Forward throw, back throw, and the hammer(ground version) are cancellable!
    • He's fast! But not as fast as Sonic...
    • FS now gave him Maxim Tomato instead.
    • Back air launches the opposite direction. Allowing more combos.
    • And more...(Also come with Purple Final Destination)
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