Megaman X and Jotaro Pack

  • descriptionDescription

    X and Jotaro can now be packed together. Jotaro was ported over and comes with new changes and balancing. X has gotten the same treatment and both are in their own slots and have their own alternate costumes. I've also included one new stage to go along with Jotaro.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    How to install:
    1. First make a seperate build for this mod. The mod is not online safe unless both people have it installed.
    2. Drag these files (Excluding the .txt files.) into the new SSF2 Build.
    3. You're done! Enjoy the mod!

  • event_noteChangelog

    X Changelog:

    - 4 additonal alternate costumes added.

    Moveset Changes:
    - Dash Attack buffed.
    - Goo Shaver now hitbox now comes out earlier.
    - Side Special majorly buffed.
    - Aerial Side Special buffed and now has effect.
    - Up Air buffed.
    - Forward Air buffed.
    - Meteor Rain (Down Air) buffed when going up.
    - Grab box comes out earlier.

    Jotaro Changelog:

    - Now has alternate costumes.
    - New pixel art.

    Attribute Changes:
    - Lowered gravity

    Move Changes:
    - Dash Attack no longer always spikes. Now has a sweet spot at the bottom of fist that spikes.
    - Nerfed Forward Tilt damage.
    - Forward Smash has more end lag.
    - Nerfed Down Smash range. Longer end lag.
    - Neutral Special now has a limit. Final hit has smaller hitbox. Nerfed damage.
    - Grounded Up Special now has a limit. Knockback and growth knockback increased. Range reduced. Final hit has smaller hitbox. Nerfed damage.
    - Grounded Side Special hitbox fixed.
    - Aerial Side Special now has a limit. Falls faster. Nerfed damage.
    - Counter buffed.
    - Forward Air landing lag increased.
    - Back Air hitbox come out earlier.
    - Down Air first 2 frames of hitbox spike. Landing lag increased.
    - Down Throw animation changed.
    - Back Throw animation changed.
    - Down Tilt animation is longer.
    - Added item animations.
    - Fixed hitboxes on a lot of animations.

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