Lucas Revamped Mod By BrandonAnimates

  • description Description

    So this a edit of Pichu Mario's Lucas mod and I revamped it so it can feel more like Lucas than a Ness clone

  • event_note Changelog

    Jab Sprites are changed

    Forward tilt has extra sprites and much slower

    Up Smash does way more damage and is slower

    Pk Freeze is faster and less strong

    Pk Thunder has low damage but better speed while using it to recover

    Pk Magnet now has a attackbox and was moved to Lucas arm

    Forward Air is stronger and has sprite placements

    Back Air has better sprites and a hit stun

    Down Air is now multihit and weaker

    Grab was changed to Lucas snake

    Down Throw doesn't burn and it has a pit fall

    Entrance was not a copy of Ness

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