Hylian Icon on 3DS Stage (No Hazards) with Hylian Black Design (All Types)

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    SSF2 3DS Hylian Design


    All this mod really does is make where on every version of the no hazard 3DS stage has a Hylian symbol instead of a blank screen (also has mirror effect) and the black 3DS stage has a Hylian design like the special edition of the 3DS XL New.


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  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Just like any other SSF2 Dat mod:


    Open your data folder in your ssf2 folder, (most likely at "This PC/Users/<Username>/Program Files/Super Smash Flash 2/data".) and replace the dat.ssf that is in the .zip.


    In this case:

    1. In the .zip is a copy of the dat38.ssf.
    2. Go to the previously mentioned folder, (This PC/Users/<Username>/Program Files/Super Smash Flash 2/data)
    3. Replace the dat38.ssf in the data folder with the one in the .zip.
    4. Open the game and start playing!

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