Digimon Smash Arena (Alpha version)

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    This is an alpha build of a total conversion pack for the game which revolves around Digimon....obviously. In this build there aren't as many stages or characters as in the original 0.9b version, but that will change later, because I'll make expansions and straight up revamps of the characters that can be found in it. This pack includes all of my Digimon mods so it wasn't necessary to upload all of the individual ones I released before the pack.
    I also got a little help with the pack by Ansard EAU KLM. He helped in making Agunimon, Impmon, Agumon and some parts of Beetlemon.

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    There is no installation needed. Just extract the .zip file and start the .exe and finally just to enjoy the modpack!

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