Broken Peach

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  • description Description

    This is literally Peach but op

    Ultimate peach in a nutshell maybe? Who knows

    Hope you enjoy playing as Melee Fox but over Peach.

  • speaker_notes Installation

    Put the DAT19 in the data folder inside your ssf2 folder, replace it and you can play it!


    The original Peach file is there, so you can play as normal Peach anytime you want to.

  • event_note Changelog

    Update 1 : She has now 999 jumps, infinite float, most of her moves do 999 of damage.

    Update 2 : She has now really huge walk speed and she jumps really high.

    Update 3 : All turnips do 999 damage.

    Update 4 : Her parasol now does 999 damage.

    Update 5 : Her final smash now is a hit-kill

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