9b Hitbox Mod (With other secret dev stuff included)

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    Do you want to see the effort us modders put into characters? Do you want to understand why your friend spiked you off a ledge when his attack shouldn't have even connected? Do you want to see why modding takes us so long to do?! I present to you, the SSF2 9b Hitbox mod. Simply go to a game, click the blue box during a match and turn hiboxes on. You can then see attackboxes-hitboxes-grabboxes with so much more added to the game. You can even see the BS in the game like how Ness's toes are an attack in his jab somehow.  You can even play at stages McLeod didn't allow before like the waiting room. Have fun investigating the secrets behind 9b >:)




    **Pls note some of the secret stages McLeod had are broken, so your game may crash occasionally :3

  • speaker_notesInstallation

    Simply open the zip and drag the .swf next to the SSF2.exe. Then just click and drag the Hitbox.swf over the SSf2.exe and release. It will run a build of the game with hitboxes visible once you follow my steps in the instructions.

  • event_noteChangelog

    -This mod is too simple for me to update it.

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