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      Reigen Arataka is an anime character from the show Mob Psycho 100. He’s one of the wittiest people in the show and has no psychic powers, but he often rewrites his own reality where he does, through replacing characters, taking powers, or just making himself look even better. Reigen has the ultimate joke moveset loaded with references from the show. Reigen is probably my favorite character, and the mod I’d want to make most in SSF2 by far. If a spriter is ever open to designing Reigen, please let me know. I hope you all like my ideas 🙂

      Moveset Concept:

      Jab- A basic 1-2 jab with both fists.
      U-Tilt- He pulls out his flip-phone to flash the camera and stun the opponent.
      D-Tilt- He launches his fist downward, spiking opponents with moderate stun.
      F-Tilt: He does a simple karate chop.
      F-Smash: Salt Punch: He does a strong punch forward with a handful of salt.
      U-Smash: Cheeseburger Tornado Pose: He spins himself around knocking everyone upward.
      D-Smash: Reigen Swings his hands around dramatically creating a massive windbox in both directions and an aura blast at a closer range.
      Dash Attack- Hypnosis Punch: Reigen quickly pulls out a watch and starts swinging it, temporarily stunning people in front of him as he walks forward. The walk loops until the Attack button is released.
      N-Special- Salt Splash: Reigen Quickly Throws Salt ahead of him dealing rapid multihit damage.
      N-Special Air- same with a refresh rate and air ease.
      S-Special- Reigen does his defensive rush which is a multihit Attack that knocks opponents back.
      If the up key is pressed, Reigen uses his “latent powers” to deflect projectiles coming at him.
      If the down key is pressed he creates a powerful psychic blast in front of him with more knockback and damage.
      S-Special Air- Same, but no down input available.
      U-Special- Cheeseburger Tornado Uppercut: Reigen does a shoryuken.
      U-Special Air- Same.
      D-Special- Reigen activates a counter-like move where he grabs the opponent in front of him and does an anti possession jumping knee strike.
      D-Special Air: He does the anti psychic dropkick, which moves diagonally, spikes and grounds the opponent.
      N-Air: Reigen throws some of his salt forward, dealing good hitstun but minor attack damage.
      F-Air- Reigen does a strong punch forward.
      B-Air- Reigen turns around and uses his middle finger whip to lash out at the opponent.
      U-Air- Reigen: Does a slow psychic punch upward that creates a windbox and has extreme priority.
      D-Air- Reigen turns down and punches downward with immense y speed.
      F-Throw: Reigen sprays the opponent with cursed cologne which puts the player to sleep.
      B-Throw: He casually tosses the opponent backwards with extreme knockback.
      U-Throw: Reigen does the anti-possession jumping knee strike with crazy hitstun and decent knockback.
      D-Throw- Reigen creates a circular psychic barrier that initially knocks the opponent back, but serves as a projectile shield as long as the down key is held.
      Getup- Reigen releases an aura of fire around him as he rages, burning everyone around him.
      Ledge- Reigen teleports up with rapid speed and swings his hands down to mimic his sorcery crush.
      Final Smashes-
      Graphic Exorcism: Reigen sits on his desk at a computer and an eraser appears on the screen. It’s moved around until the Attack button is hit and everything near it is deleted.
      Argument: Reigen crushes the dreams of his opponents if anyone is in front of him, instantly killing anyone.
      Mechanics: Reigen has a looping z-air animation of him floating forward with a glowing aura. It’s infinite horizontal recovery with decent speed, but his walk and run are very slow.

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      Absolutely perfect!

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